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About Nimbus

Nimbus Healthcare

Beginning with an online visit with direct access to licensed healthcare professionals, and continued with ongoing care and prescription refills, Nimbus focuses on the individual and all of their healthcare needs. Nimbus’ platform allows its members to receive care at any time of day from any location.

Nimbus is the first digitally native, fully verticalized multi-condition health platform, providing treatment backed by scientific experts, board-certified physicians and proven methods.

The Story

Dr. Jobby John, CEO and founder of Nimbus Healthcare, began his company after asking himself, “Why are we still treating every patient the same way?” As a compounding pharmacist, Dr. John teamed up with an expert in the genetics and hair loss fields to curate formulas and treatments that would cater to individuals’ needs based on genetics. Dr. John’s understanding that all parties are different encouraged him to create these affordable, accessible, personalized treatment plans. With recent surges in at-home testing comfort, Nimbus was founded in an attempt to correlate digital healthcare and personalized medicine.

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