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February 10, 2023 | Hair Loss

Will Minoxidil Work For Me?

Written by Dr. Richard Harris

Minoxidil is the first-line therapy for multiple types of hair loss. Numerous clinical trials show that minoxidil is effective for hair growth; however, there are individuals in these trials who do not respond to minoxidil therapy. The conventional approach blames individuals and compliance for minoxidil not working, but many people use it faithfully daily and do not get results. The traditional system would scrap minoxidil and try the next medication in a whack-a-mole approach, but what if we could test to assess if minoxidil is right for you and what dose would be effective?

Welcome to the Nimbus Hair DNA test and personalized medicine. Our test looks at two aspects of minoxidil therapy; do your genes indicate that minoxidil is a good choice based on its mechanism of action, and what dose would be necessary to receive the benefits of minoxidil? Some individuals with hair loss will have genetic changes involved in processes that minoxidil will not effectively treat hair loss. In this case, we would forego using minoxidil and use another genetic-based treatment.

The Nimbus Hair DNA test takes the guessing game out of your hair restoration therapy. Is minoxidil right for you? It might be, but even if it is not, we have what you need to help restore your hair today.

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